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One Big Happy Family

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One Big Happy Family Empty One Big Happy Family

Post  BlueShoes1 1/4/2016, 9:04 pm

Pagano gets 4 year contract.  Grigson extended to cover the same time-frame.  Go figure. This is the definition of insanity: Keep doing the same thing while expecting different results. pizzedoff pizzedoff pizzedoff pizzedoff

One Big Happy Family OneBigHappyFamily

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One Big Happy Family Empty Re: One Big Happy Family

Post  Magic 1/4/2016, 10:26 pm

I figured they would keep Pagano after I saw the post game with the team and Mathis giving him the game ball and all acting like he was their father.

Irsay probably didn't want to piss off the only good players he has by firing him.......Grigson is another story.

Luck found out why Peyton doesn't hold onto the ball all day on passing plays.

Never have a great O-Line especially the LT (since Tarik Glenn and Jeff Saturday)

Defense always sucks when it counts (3rd down even 4th down)

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