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The Two Term Idiot of the Insane States of .......

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The Two Term Idiot of the Insane States of ....... Empty The Two Term Idiot of the Insane States of .......

Post  Magic 1/24/2015, 9:05 pm

Some voted the first term and some BOTH times.

Either way it would be embarrassing to admit doing that at all

Clinton or Carter wouldn't even have done something this insane.

NOT one other President of the United States would have done this after the State of the Union speech even if Woodrow Wilson had Youtube.

Obama is a fucking idiot and HARVARD should be embarrassed.......of course these days they aren't

How about voters?

We used to have one here that would STILL claim this dumbass is good at his job (and toss in the Wall Street numbers like that stupidass purposely made the numbers rise as fast as the National Debt)

He won't see Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu but he will do THIS AFTER his BS speech.

He will go over to Saudi Arabia for the funeral in honor of that rag top King of rag tops that all get together and run around a black rock from space at Mecca.

I could see this Hussein Obama being the next king over there next.

I keep hearing libs and lib ass kissing channels saying how great and intelligent is........I would take him to school and make his head spin off.

And that is not even including Sharpton the lying criminal spending as much time at the White House as VP George the Clown.

Can YOU imagine Eisenhower,JFK,LBJ,GRF,JEC,RWR,GHWB,WJC, or GWB doing something like THIS all the time?

I have seen kids that are smarter as far as the history of the USA or political facts.

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