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President of the United States of Ebonics

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President of the United States of Ebonics Empty President of the United States of Ebonics

Post  Magic 4/22/2014, 4:45 pm

Well he did it again.

Today he came to Oso Washington and was just on the local news giving his speech.

He may not have ever been to Oso but it seems he would have been told how to say that name or at least have somebody in his staff tell him how to say that LONG word "OSO"

Over and over he said Ah-So like it was either in Japan or was his Arabic accent again.

He makes JFK's "jelly doughnut" look good.

He talks more like Gerald Ford walking down the steps off Air Force One

We already know he can't pronounce Marine Corpse

Looks like you can graduate from Harvard and still not be able to speak English and I imagine he also flunked 5th Grade spelling.

 Rolling Eyes 

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