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Post  Magic 2/2/2014, 6:12 pm

This Denver team is the most pitiful team to ever play in a Super Bowl.

The D plays like the special olympics and the O all left their brains and balls at home.

Catch a pass and drop it......snap the ball over the head......see your QB getting sacked by 4 guys and the ball goes up in the air and Knowshon doesn't Knowshit and just stands there watching it come towards him and does nothing but watch the guy get the INT and then decides to jog after him to congrat the guy for his TD

Manning 's first INT was his fault but all the rest was his team sucked in the big game.

Completed passes and the receiver would step backwards instead of forward for the 1st downs.

The refs allowed holding down field so they could have had more chances to catch and fumble and the special teams make the Colts special teams look like HOF'ers

And fans that blame Manning for all of this bs drink too much booze.

Peyton would have been better off playing for SF instead of these idiots.

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Post  cravnravn 2/2/2014, 6:18 pm

Manning Blows
I moved Baltimore to Florida

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