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Mannings Great on SNL....

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Mannings Great on SNL.... Empty Mannings Great on SNL....

Post  dblshockpwr on 3/24/2007, 8:48 pm

Especially the way he fired back about the cheap-shotting pats trolls.... too funny!!!

"What does a circus and Tom Brady have in common, they both have 2 more rings than you do..."

I LOVED his fire-back... I guess I'll just have to work twice as hard and beat them again... LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!
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Mannings Great on SNL.... Empty Re: Mannings Great on SNL....

Post  Magic on 3/25/2007, 1:51 am

Yeah it was to watch and they gave him his birthday cake at the end too.

Archie must be happy these days thanks to his SB MVP son king

That first commercial he did at the start of the show was great.......the "United Way" with those kids and they bleaped him to make it look like he was cussing the kids for dropping the passes laughing
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