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WEEK 16 LINES Of The 20th Annual Bookie Challenge®©™

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WEEK 16 LINES Of The 20th Annual Bookie Challenge®©™   - Page 2 Empty Re: WEEK 16 LINES Of The 20th Annual Bookie Challenge®©™

Post  Magic 12/23/2019, 1:52 pm

Read what I said AGAIN

Guess why you didn't pick a thursday game.

There IS NO Thursday game in week 16 just like the previous 3 years (all records are saved here just for this reason)

What do you mean "reason our numbers are at a low point" ???

I have 29 right now and several are in the mid 20's and can STILL get close to 30 points and THAT has always been a high mark.

How many times in all these years have you got 30 or more?

WHY should I even point out game times and all the info over and over and STILL get these excuses?

WHY do I always in all 20 years have my picks in early and have some of the highest point totals ever?

I could just post the link to Miguel's version and you can go read what he says when anyone tries to get around any rules ( you get cussed out and lose all the weeks points if you make any mistake) lose the Tesla division even if you claim an imaginary T.P.

Read this and you see NOBODY has a low total and it is actually a rare occasion when they could all be close to 30 points after week 17 AND a battle for Division Titles in the other 2 Divisions.  Rolling Eyes

Imagine if everyone posted picks here twice and then complained about the 2nd post not counting because they didn't understand the rules (and Philly is the only rookie this season)....your first picks post is all that counts and even if you post a 3rd one tomorrow that still will not change that.

( I just remembered that ALL of the Stats Blueshoes ever did was a copy from his own website so NONE of those stats are here anymore and the only things saved are saved by me and I have already copied this seasons complete stats page so they can never be lost like all of those previous ones except the year I did those stats right here)

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WEEK 16 LINES Of The 20th Annual Bookie Challenge®©™   - Page 2 Empty Re: WEEK 16 LINES Of The 20th Annual Bookie Challenge®©™

Post  ColtsKurt 12/26/2019, 8:47 am

Magic, you're a friend and we've known one another for a long time... but my point went right over your astrophysicist head. Rolling Eyes
I stand by my comments and you stand by yours. Not a big deal in the scheme of things.

Hope your Hanukkah is great.

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