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COLTS VS Brady Bunch

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COLTS VS Brady Bunch Empty COLTS VS Brady Bunch

Post  Magic 11/16/2014, 6:23 pm

Never fails.......Pats must spend most of the DB practice playing tip drills just for Colts games.

Fleener and Luck are still playing catch and they need to stick to using Reggie as a decoy so Fleener and TY can gets some points

And Werner is still on my favs list......great draft pick.

Our D-Line can't stop runs and are stuffed by the Belicicks

That bastard is the greatest coach ever  bluehoo  

AWFUL FLAG and they hand Brady a TD  

Enough of the passing to a guy 5 yards short of the 1st down marker!!!!

laughing  nice pass Brady  laughing

TOUCHDOWN COLTS........FINALLY NICKS   ...14 - 10.....Thanks Tom Lady.....halftime

Colts D is back to playing like a HS team and getting schooled on the ground and any pass to Koski

PLEASE make #17 Griff Whalen walk home with no pay

Luck to Fleener still workin'

Well that will do it........Colts call that 4th down Belichick-playoff 4th down play......near miss and goodnight LOS

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