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Whats going on Sunday?

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Whats going on Sunday? Empty Whats going on Sunday?

Post  wood20ks on 2/1/2007, 3:46 am

You all having a big party??

I`d like to hang out with Kurt this weekend,but the greedy bastard won`t give up the other ticket. bluehoo

Oh well I guess I have to settle with 34`s 6th annual SB Party.

Anyone with no plans are welcome to stop by for the festivities.
2 televisions,63"projection and a 43"plasma side by side,byob,food,cigars(furnished by me),different pools going,poker game and lots of loud cheering.

*Not responsible for any any gang related violence towards Twisted Evil Colt fans*

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Whats going on Sunday? Empty Re: Whats going on Sunday?

Post  ColtsKurt on 2/1/2007, 4:55 am

Hey, I resemble that comment!

I think my wife is getting more fired up about this SB trip than I... she's a folk hero at her school - all the coaches keep asking about the trip, our plans, if we're going to the parties...

I'm just bustin' my ass to clear my desk to get outta Dodge! I'm not all that psyched - yet. The initial rush of getting the chance, then having the tix in my greedy hands, has subsided. The reality of the expense of it all has set in...

$1200 for tix booya
$2100 for air, a bed, and wheels whoa
$1500 for food, a beverage (or 25) and mementos (donations still accepted - act fast!) ohshit
$60 to park game day sucks

Seeing the Indianapolis Colts as Super Bowl XLI Champions...

PRICELESS! hellyes cheerstoyou (to steal a phrase...)

I'll touch base again from down there if able... if not...

Fuck ya! I'm on vacation!!!!!
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Whats going on Sunday? Empty Re: Whats going on Sunday?

Post  Administrator on 2/1/2007, 9:55 am

Here ya go, Kurt......this is an ad from this forum: whoa

Exactly what you need for Super Week.

Don't I wish bluehoo
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Whats going on Sunday? Empty Re: Whats going on Sunday?

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