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Magic landslide

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Magic landslide Empty Magic landslide

Post  BlueShoes1 3/27/2013, 4:12 pm

You safe, Bill? Big landslide on an island in Puget Sound. Have no idea where you are in relation to that.

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Magic landslide Empty Re: Magic landslide

Post  Magic 3/28/2013, 1:50 am

Yeah we have been watching that on the local news here and more was falling as they were showing that house that is getting close to the edge.


Some videos there.

It was sunny here and is supposed to be sunny all week too.

Coupeville is on Whidbey Island that is the big island north of us across from Port Townsend .....I haven't been there for years but can see it across the bay when I am in town on my trip to the bank.

Lots of places there where they have houses built above the cliffs that look like nothing but sand and drop a long way to the water.

Whidbey is a long island that is actually more like a long mountain range if the water didn't make it an island.

Do a Google map from Port Ludlow (where I live) and Coupville and you will see where we are and the ferry ride from Port Townsend to over on that Island (the San Juan Islands)

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