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Post  Magic on 11/21/2011, 12:44 am

Decided in the middle of the night to mess around with the old place and do some updates since HTML turns into a mess on these old sites when you don't watch it.

And it was a real mess and HTML is not as nice as BBcode.

Right now you can mess around with the navigation clicks to see some old stuff like 2008 and I have 2006 stashed in my files still.

You will notice the list of members of the past there too.
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Bookie Challenge History Empty Re: Bookie Challenge History

Post  Administrator on 11/27/2011, 10:32 am

I remember that season very well.

I screwed up many times. I remember how I felt each time I posted my picks all throughout that season, including the postseason......"I just screwed up" laughing

And to top it off, I failed to post my picks in the postseason. It was the perfect storm sucks

Very depressing bawlin
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