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Back to Beaing the Cardiac Colts again!!

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Back to Beaing the Cardiac Colts again!! Empty Back to Beaing the Cardiac Colts again!!

Post  dblshockpwr on 10/29/2006, 5:09 pm

Jesus fucking Christ, that was the most pathetic defense I've ever seen the Colts play. WE ARE HORRIBLE ON DEFENSE!!!! Guys way out of position, arm tackling, Jason David gets beat right over the top all the damn time. No push from the d-line and Dungy should have went for it in the first quarter when it was 4rth and a foot in the red-zone.

Gilbert Gardener needs to grow a set of balls, he doesn't take on the runner head on and when he does he gets a snot-bubbler put on his wimp butt. Gary Brackett isn't playing the same football he did a year ago.. He's the defensive captain and needs to step it up, he's playing damn Rob Morris style, running himself out of plays, caught out of position and getting knocked back at the point of attack. Cato June is the only LBer thats playing good football right now. The CBS are playing scared and not manning up with the receivers.

If we play like we did today against NE in Foxboro they will hand us our asses.

But it was nice to see Adam "Cool Hand Luke" just step up and actually kick the FG and not send it into the bleachers wide right.

Offense looked great, The Defense looked like a powderpuff team.
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Back to Beaing the Cardiac Colts again!! Empty Re: Back to Beaing the Cardiac Colts again!!

Post  Administrator on 10/30/2006, 11:24 am

Yeah, I noticed that Booger had a bad second half. He didn't wrap up and was burned on cutbacks. There's no doubt the nigh altitude played a factor, especially in the 4th......but overall the D looked weak.

*sigh* Rolling Eyes
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