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Post  ColtsKurt on 12/12/2007, 4:52 am

Got to thinking last night as I pondered where the hell one buys an itunes gift card...

I always said the ipod doesn't interest me, because I'd just have to go out and pay for all the downloads and it all seemed too... too... difficult to do.

But... some of the music and bands posted lately have made me pause and reconsider... I'll never hear that stuff anymore if I DON'T get one! Its a rare thing to hear Rush on the radio... when's the last time you heard Little Feat? Rolling Eyes

I may have to ask Magic to get me one of those for my birthday this year! Oh, and don't forget the itunes download giftcard... (and where the hell did you buy it????)

Hope your holiday season of choice is going well, all! santa
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Post  Magic on 12/12/2007, 5:16 am

My son has had one since they came out and of course walks around with the thing even playing golf!

I still like cd players myself but if it was easy to load the music I like on the Ipod without having to buy all of the songs I might have to think about that.

Hey buy that place across the street from me and I'll buy you one of those Ipods......but then I like these old/new video's we get on youtube and an Ipod dosen't have a big monitor wired to it smile

(is it ok if I still claim to be 49yrs old on the 29th next month???)
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Post  cravnravn on 12/12/2007, 6:15 am

Who pays for downloads Kurt? not when Limewire is out there.
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