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5th Armored Division

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5th Armored Division Empty 5th Armored Division

Post  BirdsofSilence 10/1/2006, 9:59 am

Woods...if we let a rookie beat us, we will have to double our chip total next year just out of principle.

Looks like a walk in the park for me...

Birds of a freakin' feather frock the fluckin' flock of foul!!

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5th Armored Division Empty Re: 5th Armored Division

Post  wood20ks 10/8/2006, 5:06 am

Are you kidding me???

A fuckin rookie finishing ahead of you or I!!

Hang in there Birds,we`ve only just began.Lot of time left.

Take a backseat there sealthhawk let some real handicappers show you a little sumthin sumthin........ Twisted Evil
Does a Bear shit in the Woods?

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