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Post  Magic on 7/27/2007, 1:55 pm

Well as I mentioned in our "peta" thread last night I had mole #60 bugging me and popping up over by the bridge I have crossing the creek over by the pond...........

Well I watched all day yesterday and my last check was 4am this morning.........and this morning the wife told me it was still a no-show around I'm sitting and watching some NFL network stuff (it was about stadiums that have been torn down and new ones built and the history) and it ended at 1 in the afternoon and I was getting up to go out and do some paining on the house and I look out the window and see fresh dirt popped up so I grab Betsy the pistol grip 12 guage and run out there and I see it moving as I get close and I knew the angle of the tunnel too........I step up quietly.......another bit of dirt pops up.......I point about 2 inches away and BOOOOOOOM!

Then I run over and get my shovel to make sure it was a mole fuckin' doubt.......that plastic wadding thing was stuck smack in the middle of this big mole I just covered the mole up with the dirt and grass that got tossed out by the shovel.....and Betsy ramborampage

It is pretty rare that I nail em like that......many have died just from the concussion and then I tossed them in the creek just to make sure they didn't survive before!

Ah another great day hunting in the jungle hellyes
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