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Post  Magic on 6/30/2007, 3:02 am

I have always dreamed about having a Rolls since way back when I was a youngster and wanted to drive one to work just to tease the people I worked for since I made them millions and the payed me pennies.

The guy only wants $14,300 for it.......1968 Silver Shadow painted gold with red leather interior.

The wife knows I have always wished I could have one and she found it on that website called "Craigs List"

I'm actually surprised she even showed me this.

But I emailed the guy and haven't got a reply from him.

It is up in Port Angeles if you know where that is.......and we were up in that area today doing the shopping and buying car tabs for the other cars today in Sequim.

I never have been lucky so I figure looking at the picture will be as close as I get.

Rolling Eyes

I have no room to store it so I would probably try and sell the Jag which would pretty much cover the cost.

Rolls Royce Silvershadowxh6
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Rolls Royce Empty Re: Rolls Royce

Post  ColtsKurt on 6/30/2007, 5:20 am

As long as you don't sell the muscle car, you're ok.

Good story about a Rolls...

Back in the day before I was in the insurance scam for a living, I was a milkman. Yep, home delivery milkman. (other stories about that for later...) I had the good fortune to deliver to perhaps the most exclusive little area in Indy - Golden Hills - an area near the art museum, for those familiar with the area. Anyway, I was at the home of the Ball family... (Ball canning jars, heard of them? Yep, that's the one!) Well, I'm in the truck building their order and I hear this yelling outside in the drive...

Seems Mr. Ball had been chauffeurred up and was sitting in his brand spanking new yellow convertible Rolls! Top down, white leather inside... fucking beautiful! He's yelling to his wife (upstairs) to look at the new car. She opens the window and yells back that she'll never ride in that - take it back!!! OMF'ingG!!!

He yells back some kind of expletive and off he goes again! Never saw that Rolls again. But the next week there was a new four door sedan - kind of a dark bronze color - sitting in the garage.

After the Mr. died, the Rolls was used as a utility vehicle of sorts. I saw it pull up one day completely filled with potted African Violets. All over the entire inside. The car was covered with potting soil! Must have been 50 potted violets in there. Then there was the story of the local pig that was going to lose its home. Big sucker. Forget the details, but it made all the newspapers and TV reports. Mrs. Ball came to the rescue and bought the pig and delivered the damn thing to a local zoo-type operation - you guessed it - IN THE ROLLS!!! He filled the whole back seat of the car he was so big.

Plenty of stories about the good old milkman days...
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Rolls Royce Empty Re: Rolls Royce

Post  Administrator on 7/1/2007, 8:49 am

The Rolls is nice, Magic......but I personally would rather have the Jag Two eyes and teeth

But if the Rolls is your dream, even if you don't get that particular one, you can sell your Jag now and have the cash-in-hand. Then actively search for another Rolls, and if you find one, you can act immediately.

But I would keep the Jag wuv
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