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shipokekid - Week 5 picks

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shipokekid - Week 5 picks Empty shipokekid - Week 5 picks

Post  ShipokeKid 10/5/2015, 3:23 am

Magic -
A favor please - Traveling to Dallas - Then touring all over Texas this week and next.
(Yes, even touring the Cowboys stadium - plus may make the Texas Rangers BB playoff game.)

Might be out of touch - so I made my picks already in the other football league I'm in.
I have a new iPhone 6s - but IP ony picked it up last week and I'm likely not taking my computer along.)
(That web site posts the games and lines on Monday - then they change lines every day.)

Anyway - I'm hoping this satisfies as my entry for week five in BC league.
(Sorry, but I didn't know how else to do this a week 5 is not yet posted in BC league.)

BB -

NY Giants
New England


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shipokekid - Week 5 picks Empty Re: shipokekid - Week 5 picks

Post  BlueShoes1 10/5/2015, 8:20 am


Assuming you can send an email from Texas, you can wait to see what the spreads are by Wednesday then send your picks via email to me at

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shipokekid - Week 5 picks Empty Re: shipokekid - Week 5 picks

Post  Magic 10/5/2015, 11:41 am

Yes Art that is why I post them on wednesday so nobody will complain about the point spread changing if I did them on tuesday and I even do them late on wednesday to make it so they all can still make the thursday pick if they want (and of course no excuse for anyone to not get the picks in on time by early sunday and better yet saturday)

So you can email them to me or to Norm and we can post them if you change your mind before sunday.

If not we will use these.

Have a fun and safe trip to Texas

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shipokekid - Week 5 picks Empty Re: shipokekid - Week 5 picks

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