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Ok, I'm sober now.....

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Ok, I'm sober now..... Empty Ok, I'm sober now.....

Post  Administrator on 2/6/2007, 8:34 am


Damn, I was pretty drunk Sunday night.

What a rush!! cheerstoyou

I am now going to update the website and determine the BC Champ and Rudy Award winner. Birdman says he's the Champ.....we shall see!!

The Official Results are still pending!! Smile
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Ok, I'm sober now..... Empty Re: Ok, I'm sober now.....

Post  BirdsofSilence on 2/6/2007, 7:09 pm

Drunk ass bitch...CROWN ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

You were pretty damn funny on Sunday, we enjoyed it. Congrats on your team's win in the SB.

Birds of a freakin' feather frock the fluckin' flock of foul!!

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