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Why do pc and internet dopes argue ?

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Why do pc and internet dopes argue ? Empty Why do pc and internet dopes argue ?

Post  Magic 9/16/2014, 6:01 pm

I have dopes on my road (including in this house) who only master facebook then think they are experts?

Telling me that they lost their wifi connection and that I am not really online with my wifi and that I am just looking at old pages (cache) and even when I prove it by logging in to my Hotmail account and getting my email or going to websites around the world that I am not actually looking at any of that and it is just old "cache" (btw they don't know wtf that means)

But for some strange reason I can post here......and at espn.....and send and receive emails......and talk to actual computer experts clear across the planet in Europe at Cern in Geneva or the Max Planck Institute with no problem (like right now)

But I still get told by a certain $#@! that I don't know wtf I am talking about and these *facebook computer pros do.

Why do those who use a cell phone to be on the web argue and give shit to a guy with 7 computers that are online and working 24/7 unless the power goes out?

I don't have a wifi modem........I have a Belkin router for my wifi which has NOTHING to do with my ISP and the stock modem I got from them.

Those dopes probably lose the wifi connection on their cell phones with the microwave oven or the cordless phone they hold in the other hand while they also hold that cellphone.

Why do dopes who don't even understand how a light bulb works or how the tv signal gets to their tvs argue about shit like this?

bs pizzedoff bs pissed

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Why do pc and internet dopes argue ? Empty Re: Why do pc and internet dopes argue ?

Post  cravnravn 9/17/2014, 3:27 am

Because they're dopes
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