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I want.. I want I want.

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I want.. I want I want. Empty I want.. I want I want.

Post  dblshockpwr 8/24/2014, 5:11 am

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I want.. I want I want. Empty Re: I want.. I want I want.

Post  Magic 8/24/2014, 1:29 pm

Always wonder why these cars mess it up by adding FoundOnRoadDead parts  lol 

My 45 year old Cutlass will still get up to 140mph with 500 foot pounds of torque stock

Thinking about a bigger radiator so it can drive all day in the hot sun and would like to add the kit for front disc brakes so it can stop when I get near dumbass drivers  laughing 

Other than that  I wish we had a local chrome plating place to do my rear bumper.........and I am thinking about buying a pair of headrests since the old fart that did the interior about 20 years ago mysteriously lost them and he is in car heaven now.

A guy at an Oldsmobile club just gave me a link for those

Of course with the price of gas I drive the speed limit most of the time  wink 

I want.. I want I want. Cutlas14

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