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**YOUR Preseason SUPER BOWL PICKS** 2015.. (15th Annual)

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**YOUR Preseason SUPER BOWL PICKS** 2015.. (15th Annual)   Empty **YOUR Preseason SUPER BOWL PICKS** 2015.. (15th Annual)

Post  Magic 8/15/2014, 3:43 pm

Ok it's that time of the season for you all.

The regular season starts on September 4th which means you have to post your Super Bowl picks on this thread by midnight September 3rd

And I will post this on the main board for you to trip over but post the picks HERE

Blueshoes and I will be ready for your excuses for forgetting or posting on the wrong thread again  lol 

And of course there will also be a official B.C. *CHIPS* thread and yes it is still 30 *Chips* and yes I hasve the same mailing address as I had back in 1979 and the same email address as I had in 1999  king 

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