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Obama Admin Bozos

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Post  BlueShoes1 2/4/2014, 1:33 pm


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Obama Admin Bozos Empty Re: Obama Admin Bozos

Post  Magic 2/4/2014, 3:28 pm


Why do we know the answers and they go in front of politicians to answer simple questions and then act like they don't have any idea or just don't want to/have to answer.

Right now they have that "it was the video" Rice broad defending John Kerry about his BS over in Israel.

We could sit there and answer the questions and take that tax money they get but they would want us to step down after a couple days  lol 

You know about the left-loons we have here and I don't know if they do this back east but last year here the left-loons voted OUT the electric company that had been here over 90 years to replace it with the PUD (public utilities) and I voted against that but since this is the hippy peninsula they passed that vote and now everyone is complaining about the light bills soaring after they were told it would all be much better.

I just went and paid mine today and it was over $200 for the single month again and I heat with wood pellets so it isn't that.

Not to mention I used to get a 2 month bill since way back in the 1970's and this time of year it would be about $300 for 2 months and in the summer it was around $200 for 2 months

Funny thing on my way to the bank and at the red light in front of me is a Mercedes with "Obama" stickers on the back and it's damn license plate said "POVERTY" on that damn car.

Had to be one of the morons that push all the loon shit around here.
Those idiots will defend them to the grave.

(oh and I mailed the *chips* today)

Got my new drivers license
Paid the light bill
Stopped by the local funeral home to ask why he hasn't emailed me and I figured he would say he forgot my world famous Hotmail address.....but no he said things were running slow and he will email when they are ready to do what I asked.

The not so funny thing is it is the 3rd time I asked him to make the granite marker for my Mom who passed away on Valentines day since they are so slow I get to add my brothers name to it and I'm sure he will want $$$thousands

I stopped at one of my favorite stores here to look at stuff and picked up a outlet cover made of brass (Victorian)
Nice expensive stuff but then the owner isn't a local loon here.

OK....back to ordering the license tabs for my car.........

Edit: FUCK these morons with the licensing website screwed up several times so I will have to find out where to drive to get the damn license tabs and if they are expired when I do drive and a cop pulls me over I am going to be holding the papers in my hand and try to hold my cuss words I have for these dumbasses telling me my address is wrong!@!!!

I think after living on the same property for 30 years and having the same post office box since 1979 I know WTF I live!!

Error my ass  pissed  (I even took a snapshot of that error page and emailed it to the fucking idiots)

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Post  cravnravn 2/5/2014, 3:13 am

That was pretty pathetic, to be unprepared like that when they knew they were going to be grilled in that area.
I moved Baltimore to Florida

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