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With all the Mandela stuff going around

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With all the Mandela stuff going around Empty With all the Mandela stuff going around

Post  dblshockpwr 12/6/2013, 7:26 am

And listening to the media's glowing reviews of South Africa....

Let's get it back on the truth track.... South Africa isn't a "booming economy" their economy has been regressing steadily for a decade now, it is getting ready to be surpassed by Nigeria soon as the continents #1 economy.

Also, Mandela, Jakob Zuma and the prior President are all close cohorts of Robert Mugabe. Zuma especially has been an advocate for ethnic cleansing in South Africa,(to the point of leading songs about "Kill the Farmer" white farmers are being murdered there by the thousands. The country is listed by several genocide watch groups as a very high threat.

Mandela was a communist. The ANC is and always was a communist organization. They have free elections there sure....... but the ANC is basically the only political party in the country.

Mandela even wrote a book on "how to be a good communist" He worked closely with the former Soviet Union and was a great admirer of Fidel Castro.

South Africa isn't the utopia that they would have you believe.
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