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Post  Administrator 10/9/2013, 12:15 pm

Listen, I warned you to shut up with the politics.
All three Cadre members have voted to give you the BOOT.
You will be refunded your 30 clams, I will email you for your snail mailing address, and I'll refund you myself.
You're a good handi-capper, but you have an infuriating way about you and all you do is piss people off. You don't listen to what others say, you just spout the same crap over and over again like a robot.
In the next couple of days, I will delete your account/username from this board. You are not welcome here anymore. You're the first person we have ever banned from this board, aside from the spammers.
Look for an email from "rammy84" during the next couple of days.
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