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County Hard At Work as Usual

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County Hard At Work as Usual Empty County Hard At Work as Usual

Post  Magic 12/24/2012, 3:24 pm

(our driveway is up there on the right)

County Hard At Work as Usual Rca0070

They put up cones wtf

The camera is the only thing that makes it look good but it is actually hard to leave the place now and the spots where it crosses the road like small rivers the cars get water up to the doors now and the car was steaming when we got to the house.

We decided to go for a short drive and looked at the flood in the valley and the next one over and came home across the next road north of us known as "Egg and I" road.....yeah the ma and pa Kettle road.

Just before it gets to the hiway we saw where the couple hundred Canada Geese have been hanging out.....right next to the road in the cow pasture.

Of course my camera took a perfect pic of our flooded road but all my goose pics are so blurred you can't see em.......have to see if the wifes pic from the cell phone worked now.

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