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Well another punk with guns

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Well another punk with guns Empty Well another punk with guns

Post  Magic 12/14/2012, 4:17 pm

Nothing good about this other than the bitch boy shooting himself.......hope it was painful and he layed there a few minutes feeling that.

Expect more anti-gun talk again.

My Desert Eagle is a bit heavy to carry around when we go on a shopping trip in the city but I may start bringing it with me and buying something lighter to carry.

And discuss with the wife just what to do if this ever happened near us.

I sure won't just stand there like a deer in the headlights

Lawyers would jump on a case of defending him if he was just captured alive like that other punk who is in jail claiming a mental problem.

I say tough shit to that mental bs......yes I have always been pro-death penalty

If they are obviously paying anyone to defend them in court for months,days,or years.

No getting off by being put to sleep.......electric chair and why anyone cares about the torture is wussification.

Sure we have one that kills himself this time..........hard to believe his mom owned guns like that.

Had to be one strange family.........and his brother and father being questioned now.......wonder if they are idiots like that Lanza bitch.

Ah yes the 7th day of Hanukkah is usually for the the candles are lit for the children and the adults........except maybe a mom who owns guns like that who is a teacher.......who just lets a kid take them and have ammo like something you would call "Waco"

Hell I don't own ammo and guns like that out in the country.

But not much can be done about this.

Can't put a cop in every class.

About the only way to keep them out of a school is a metal detector at the only entrance that locks them in between 2 doors (bullet proof of course) at every school.........that would cost billions.......but of course if the bitches know about it they would just shoot kids/or anyone outside the school.....on a a mall.......driving down the street.

Most of us grew up watching Mr. Ed and playing kids sit in their bedroom playing video games seeing how many people they can shoot and happy thinking how every year something else is made legal for them.........mental claims.....they have seen it all and can do it all and know that they never pay the price even this bitch does not pay any price.

Not taking my guns.......and I do NOT pity the fool that tries that around me.

And where I live I can see this happening.

Ok.....time to light those candles.


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