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Golf on the Mountain

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Golf on the Mountain Empty Golf on the Mountain

Post  Magic 10/5/2012, 3:12 pm

17th season up at our private course but we didn't play as much this year since most of us are over the hill and keeping the place up doesn't get easier.....but one of the local guys won the $270 which was nice since he does most of the work on the course.

Here is one of the guys that lives up there and his 1930 Model A last sunday

Golf on the Mountain Rca0027 Golf on the Mountain Rca0028

In perfect condition too.

Inside the club house we have about 50 old license plates so here is just a couple of them and when they were new they belonged to people that lived up there before cars and trucks even existed in the USA

Golf on the Mountain Rca0032Golf on the Mountain Rca0034
Golf on the Mountain Rsz11wj5iGolf on the Mountain Rca0033

The 1924 is the oldest and in good shape and several other nice ones from the 1920's and the same with the 1930's,40's and 50's

Several of the guys in my group own most of the property up on Palo Alto mountain.......hopefully they all live another 40 years cheerstoyou

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