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The Chips are in !!

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The Chips are in !! Empty The Chips are in !!

Post  Guest 2/10/2011, 7:28 am

My chips have drinkbeer been picked up !! when do I get my ring !! hellyes


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The Chips are in !! Empty Re: The Chips are in !!

Post  wood20ks 2/11/2011, 8:26 am

Hey congrats.......Fine job on winning the BC..........I left out to New York Monday and didn`t get home until late last night....otherwise I would`ve got back to you earlier this week. happy2

P.S............Got the pm too.
Sorry for knockin you guys out of the p.o.,but as you see it didn`t turn out well for us either. lol
And of all the teamsd to win,it had to be worst enemy.Try being a Bear/Cub fan and growing up in a household where my Dad and brothers are Packer/STL Cardinal fans.......... whoa

It sucks........ rambo
if someone at the begining of the season would`ve said the bears would`ve been playing for the game,I would`ve laughed in their face.very unexpected......... clap

Also nice set of cards you have there.......I have a Sayers from 1972 and a Butkus from the same year.Ok conditions.Not by any means pristine. lol
If your interested in getting rid of them give me a shout........
Does a Bear shit in the Woods?

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The Chips are in !! Empty Re: The Chips are in !!

Post  lizzard whipper 2/15/2011, 5:35 pm

I have recieved my chips also! much needed as i have quit the car sales biz. Wasnt me!
lizzard whipper
lizzard whipper
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The Chips are in !! Empty Re: The Chips are in !!

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