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Colts are toast

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Colts are toast Empty Colts are toast

Post  Administrator on 12/24/2006, 12:48 pm

We can't get it done with our defense this year, no doubt.

191 yards on the ground to the Texans.

And that's a good day for our run defense.

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Colts are toast Empty Re: Colts are toast

Post  dblshockpwr on 12/24/2006, 1:36 pm

Well I gotta agree with you Mighty... This defense keeps playing like a bunch of pussies. their fundamentals are completely shot, the LBers keep getting caught out of position they hit high don't get their hips under them and then don't wrap and tackle through the ball-carriers. You don't take on a back like oh say RON DAYNE thats a big RB at the shoulders and expect to do anything to the guy. They don't step up into the hole in the running game, they don't attack the runner before he makes his first move and they sit and wait for the back to initiate contact instead of laying a hit on him first. This isn't coming from just the players, coaching has ALOT ot do with the way they are playing.

Week after week they just keep getting embarressed on defense. Ron Meeks needs to lose his job, dungy's best buddy or not. They need a defensive coordinator that is going to get in some guys faces and challenge them every week. As a Colts fan they are embarrassing to watch as I really think this is the worst defensive unit I've ever witnessed since I was a kid way back when. What a bunch of overpayed codled pussies.
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