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The MacBook Pro is NICE

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The MacBook Pro is NICE Empty The MacBook Pro is NICE

Post  Administrator on 3/1/2009, 11:54 am


Really nice machine. It's precision-built like a Rolex. The Leopard OS looks interesting, but it won't replace Windows.

I'll load XP as soon as I can. I'm also thinking of loading XP on the Emachine as well, and then wait a while to buy my next top-of-the-line desktop.

Vista has a couple of improvments, but all the crappy bells and whitles ruin it.
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The MacBook Pro is NICE Empty Re: The MacBook Pro is NICE

Post  dblshockpwr on 3/1/2009, 3:23 pm

I didn't care for XP and got to the point where I despised Vista... Crashes all the time and I had PLENTY of resources for it.

I'd give the leopard a fair shake Mighty before the dual boot MC..... unless you like a buggy, security flawed machine that will get bogged down by adware, greyware, malware etc....

The vast majority of Virus' and malware attach themselves to .exe files it's rare for a Mac machine to get infected and nearly unheard of for a linux machine (unless they are running virtualbox or something of that sort) to get infected....

Breakaway my friend.... breakaway.

Spending 2k on a macbook and then putting XP on it is like buying a Lambo and putting a Honda engine in it!
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