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ROFFLMFAO Indy's Finest....

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ROFFLMFAO  Indy's Finest.... Empty ROFFLMFAO Indy's Finest....

Post  dblshockpwr on 7/2/2008, 3:08 pm

6 cops arrested in a little less than 2 weeks here in good old Indy...

4 for robbing drug dealers and reselling the dope....
1 for selling stolen handguns to known felons
1 for running a prostitution ring....

LOL and the funny thing is folks are trying to say it's "the new mayor cleaning things up"

LOL NO, it's the FBI cleaning up a majorly corrupt department that has run amuck since the 70's..........

AND I bet there are MORE going to be arrested in the coming months... (my sister works in IMPD administration)

About damn time if you ask me, hell I've always been more leary of the cops than the criminals here...... Hell at least there is SOME honor among thieves..... None behind those nice shiny badges it seems.
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