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Hey CK(lmao)

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Hey CK(lmao) Empty Hey CK(lmao)

Post  wood20ks on 3/2/2008, 4:54 pm

I used your line from the"NFL Channel" topic..........

I was visiting my Mom and Dad today and my Dad says there was nothing on TV and I told him the Bulls and Cavs were playing.
He says nah but I`ll be watching Nascar later today and wanted to know if I wanted to stick around and have dinner and watch it with him........

I gave him the ol"Nahhhh.I got busy afternoon watching the snow melt".

He told me "Wellyou can pull up a chair here and watch it thru the picture window if you want.

It was b-i-l got a big kick out of it.
It is like 50 degrees here.

I`ve been lmao every time I think of it............
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Hey CK(lmao) Empty Re: Hey CK(lmao)

Post  ColtsKurt on 3/3/2008, 4:54 am

Anytime I can lighten the mood or make someone snicker... its a good day! hellyes

We hit mid 60's here yesterday! Unfortunately, it looks like nothing but a tease. Rolling Eyes

All the snow - even in the shaded areas - is GONE... Its still light at 6:15-6:30 PM... Pitchers and catchers have reported. Its almost over! clap
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