Eagles +23.5 at Pats*

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Eagles +23.5 at Pats* Empty Eagles +23.5 at Pats*

Post  BlueShoes1 on 11/20/2007, 6:37 pm

Eagles/Pats* point spread currently at 23.5. Just when I was all set to go with "take the Pats* to cover" every damned week for the rest of the season they come up with this number. Hmmmm....I think I'll still take the Pats* to cover.


"Nowadays, you don't see too many spreads over 16 or 17 points," said Sean Van Patten, an oddsmaker at Sports Consultants in Las Vegas. "That's because most teams take their starters out in the fourth quarter of a lopsided game. The Patriots don't. I call this phenomenon The [Bill] Belichick Factor."

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Eagles +23.5 at Pats* Empty Re: Eagles +23.5 at Pats*

Post  cravnravn on 11/21/2007, 1:36 am

Philly dosen't have McNappy this week either. My site that I used took the game out of the betting rotation.

The laugher is the Colts giving double digits, they are a beat up team.

Hey Blue have you heard that Marvin Harrison has been flying into Philly hear lately to have his knee rehabbed? Injuries are tougher when you get older,
I moved Baltimore to Florida

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