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Post  Magic on 7/28/2012, 6:30 pm

So we go on a shopping trip which means when you leave the Olympic Peninsula to go to the closest city (Bremerton-Silverdale) you have to cross a floating bridge (Hood Canal floating bridge)

They open the damn thing when ever some clown want to take a boat of some type to the other side and like today it was a piece of junk that couldn't just go under the damn thing so we had the frozen stuff in the trunk for close to an hour........sun was shining over the bridge but looking both ways it looked cloudy in the pics and this is my crappy camera.

But at least we were on the bridge since there was a 2 mile stretch of hiway on both side with bumper to bumper cars just sitting there.

Stuck On The Bridge Rca0272

This is what they had to open the bridge for

Stuck On The Bridge Rca0279

Stuck On The Bridge Rca0277

and out the other side......

Stuck On The Bridge Rca0280

Stuck On The Bridge Rca0274

and now I am sitting here waiting to make a call to TigerDirect to fix the order I just made online where the fuckers added another $50 to the order for something I don't want.

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