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messed nup 48 hrs... Empty messed nup 48 hrs...

Post  ColtsKurt on 2/2/2012, 11:27 pm

3:30 am Weds found me in the ER at the local hospital. I rolled over in bed and woke to what felt like a 10 penny nail being driven into my lower back.

12 hours of Dilaudid later, the neuro doc was driving his needle into my back filling it with cortisone. Combination or scar tissue from the last blown disk, degenerated disks, artiritis from the last surgery, a bulging disk, and what must have been my spine getting kinked.

It has taken me out. Now the Oxycodone is getting me thru. Tough part is not having slept for 48 hrs as of 3:00 am (15 min).

Really disappointed about the SB XLVI volunteering I was SUPPOSED to do. Missed Thurs am and Fri am now. Was hoping to get my sat eve in (at the epicenter of the party - Hospitality desk 1 at the Convention Center. Right there at Capitol and Georgia) But, I could barely walk to and from the mailbos today... how am I going to get thru that crowd afoot?

Pretty sure its the pain meds keeping me awake... I doze, but nothing solid.

This being 55 has really sucked, so far...
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messed nup 48 hrs... Empty Re: messed nup 48 hrs...

Post  Magic on 2/2/2012, 11:40 pm

I have been wondering where you were Kurt !

Now you know what Cravn and I feel like pretty much every day (but I prefer Vicodin over Oxyco)

It would be hard to sit in a regular stadium seat on sunday.

If you are there you will be better standing up against a concrete wall with a few Vicodins.

I know since I had 4 the last time I was at the game with you.

But being this close to the game it will not be easy to be there.

Btw I am seconds away from going downstairs to get my nightly Vicodin.

One thing I had to do when it was bad was either lay flat on my back or if I could get up I would see how long I could stand or walk real carefully.

I hope you feel better by sunday.
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messed nup 48 hrs... Empty Re: messed nup 48 hrs...

Post  cravnravn on 2/3/2012, 1:40 am

Oh man Kurt that sucks, but I feel your pain. I missed most of last week, last Monday I started a workout program, and went right into it forgetting that Im closer to 51 than 49..I woke up Monday night, with severe pain driving down my right leg, and total stiffness crossed my lower back.

Those shots feel nice eh?, Ive had a series of 12 of them since 1994, no picnic.

Hope ya feel better Kurt..I dont know if its the goofiness in me, but I get relief with ice packs, Dr's tell me heat, I go ice..

And this is the sucky part, I can no longer stomach Oxy or Vik..the last time I injured my back in 04, the Doc gave me Vik, I went home, took one, layed down and all of a sudden I felt like Dorothy in the wizard of oz, now you want to talk about pain??? I then proceeded to projectile vomit, aint bad enough I was in extreme pain, then have every muscle in your back convulse because your puking...Wasnt a pretty sight.

Now Im limited to Aleeve and Ibuprofen...
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messed nup 48 hrs... Empty Re: messed nup 48 hrs...

Post  BlueShoes1 on 2/3/2012, 8:00 am

Ouch! That hurts on so many levels, Kurt. I commented on your FB post not knowing the details. Can't provide any advice as I've been very fortunate with regard to back issues. The only time I get a sore back is the day after a round of golf and I know it's the result of my very poor swing technique. Hang in there.

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messed nup 48 hrs... Empty Re: messed nup 48 hrs...

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