HEY Way To Go Butler!

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HEY Way To Go Butler! Empty HEY Way To Go Butler!

Post  Magic on 3/24/2011, 10:36 pm

Now I admit I only watched the first couple minutes but I did pick Butler as my Streak for the Ca$h pick today to make my streak 6 games.

And it wasn't a straight pick it was that Butler would make more 3's than Wisconsin would win by in points smile

So since Butler won it didn't even matter if they missed all their 3's lol


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HEY Way To Go Butler! Empty Re: HEY Way To Go Butler!

Post  ColtsKurt on 3/25/2011, 6:26 am

Fun run again, this year!

My son, the Butler grad, has plans to be in Florida next weekend for Spring Break. Should they get by Florida tomorrow, his plans get interesting...

Absolutely no way he's that close to Houston (he'll be in the FL panhandle already) and doesn't make the trip over there to watch his 'dawgs. Will make the cost of the trip skyrocket, but he's an off-the-charts fan and money will be no concern...

Unfortunately, if they make it, I'll be here and unable to count on him to get me a ticket to the final game - like he did last year for me here, in Indy!

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HEY Way To Go Butler! Empty Re: HEY Way To Go Butler!

Post  dblshockpwr on 3/26/2011, 5:48 pm

Mr. Stephens and the cardiac kids do it again over FLA.... Great to see them doing so well.

Just think if they still had Hayward this year...... But Smith is going to be solid for a couple more years at the 5, and Stephens has some nice talent heading Butlers way in the future...

I think my dream match-up would be Gonzaga and Butler...... But that might be too many whiteboys for Mr. Sharpton.... LOL
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HEY Way To Go Butler! Empty Re: HEY Way To Go Butler!

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