LOL from Avon to TIPTON?

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LOL from Avon to TIPTON? Empty LOL from Avon to TIPTON?

Post  dblshockpwr on 8/25/2008, 2:29 pm

Well my fellow hoosiers will understand this one..... I had today off because our job slowed down a little bit.... well my boss calls me today at 5:00 and tells me I need to go to TIPTON for a couple of weeks to work...... I tell him NO WAY IN HELL.... thats a freaking 2 HOUR drive for me with gas at close to $4.00 a gallon I was ALREADY spending right at $600 a month for gas driving to McCordsville... and then this guy wants me to drive anothe hour on top of that? Good lord I would be spending around 900 bones a month for gas.....

What are these people dumb? I told him to call me when the other job gets going or get me somewhere else closer to home..(of course we have a job going on at the FUCKING GOVERNMENT CENTER in downtown Indy and Oh did I mention a job about 20 FUCKING MINUTES from my house by the AIRPORT!!!!!!)

I'm getting REALLY tired of dumb these days..... I don't do it well anymore...
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