WEEK FIFTEEN LINES Of The 18th Annual Bookie Challenge®©™

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Re: WEEK FIFTEEN LINES Of The 18th Annual Bookie Challenge®©™

Post  ColtsKurt on 12/17/2017, 3:43 pm

Magic wrote:
ColtsKurt wrote:

Nope... first time in NYC for the bride and me.  Crowded as can be.  Holiday lights are outstanding!  Did The subway, Chinatown and Little Italy last night. Can't help but wonder what this city's police budget must be... 5-6 police officers at every intersection.

YES way too many people for me......these days it would have to be in a nice room with the window high in the sky looking down at Times Square.

I have done all that subway and train stuff back there but I was 28 years old and a gym rat/weightlifter and there with a crowd of geeks from a Ross Perot computer company so I just looked out for the lil twerps.

These days even carrying the Desert Eagle would not protect us sucks

I do watch the New Years eve thing on tv every year since my first Dish in 1983.

When I was there and we walked through that Italian Festival there were 100's of thousands of people and lots of cops but everyone was allowed to walk the streets with a beer in their hand and Avenue of the Americas was covered with humans from side to side of those buildings.

Hell I know I would not ever do that again.

You must be still there in NYC?????

Yup, still here... come home Monday night... gave up my seat in a sports bar drinking while the bride went to a Zbroadway show with my daughter. I let them know I was a bit disturbed that it was Pats fans... bourbon and beer will do that to you. But it was all good we'll have a good laugh and they watched the Pittsburgh New England game and we left
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