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Post  Magic on 11/3/2016, 12:09 pm

I guess I saw some of those fraud voters when I was in Indy........guys sitting all over the sidewalks with that cup sitting there with a little sign begging for money wearing shoes and clothes I would never waste money on (Jordan shoes)

Always crooked left-wingers doing that all over the USA (here in Washington it works for them every time)

And POLLS telling us how the voters are voting?

500 or maybe 1000 people polled wouldn't tell us is we actually landed on the Moon

But then I do see millions of dumbasses all over the country getting TV time.

Well maybe I can get some of that charity from the Clinton Foundation since the broad claimed 90% was given to charity

Her daughter must be who gets the charity according to Bill and Billary's own tax records showed they gave 6% this year.

84% difference from what she claimed?

And that broad and her husband claiming other politicians were getting oil money over the decades when they got millions and billions from arabs

These days it is all on video so it is hard to deny.

Good to see the current President still hard at work BS'ing on tv all day and working hard at planning for his future piles of gold and statues and schools named after that jackass.

Oh crap theres Hillary squawking like a witch on a broom again on national tv  ...barf

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