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Re: Florida!

Post  BlueShoes1 on 3/31/2015, 4:56 am

cravnravn wrote:I-95 is the worst road in America, the part that goes through DC is absolutely the pits.

Mr Norm, change your route the next time you drive down, my dad used to come back using the Pennsy Turnpike, I think it was route 15 he used to pick up in the carolinas to the Pike.

I don't use 95 around Baltimore-Washington.  30 west to Gettysburg (not stopping to see the battlefields), 15 South to Leesburg then 17 South to 95 at Fredericksburg (about 30 miles norrth of Richmond). I call it my civil war battlefield route.   Reverse that driving north.  It's about 25 miles longer that way for me but I don't find myself stopped or doing 15 mph for hours trying to get around Washington.

I keep thinking some day I'm gonna take a more leisurely drive and go down via the Shenendoa Mountain drive through the scenic great smokey mountains. That would be a lovely drive in the fall.

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Re: Florida!

Post  cravnravn on 4/1/2015, 2:59 am

I wish I had your patience to make that 2 day drive,

That 15 &340 rate is pretty, used to love going to Charlestown WVA, lots of civil war history in that town
I moved Baltimore to Florida

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