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Post  Magic on 7/16/2014, 10:47 pm

When will I catch a trespasser and fill em full of lead?

I almost always leave that gate of steel open at the end of the driveway but last night I closed it.

This morning the wife sees some car parked down there at the gate so she walks that way and it races off.

I am still asleep (not sure why she tends to not wake me up when this happens)

I go down to see later during the day and see this jackass had cut several of the poppy plants and put them in their car and then all the ones with seeds were bent over and all the seeds where taken by the shit for brains.

She said it looked like a newer car so it was somebody who could afford to buy some but instead drives down a long gravel road and steals them from the property of a guy with several guns and a security system (I will be installing a camera real soon)

Usually thieves do this late at night and I never have a flashlight that lasts long enough so I can catch them and make them wet their pants  ramborampage 

BUT this fucker did it during the day when people drive up and down the road and could have caught them.

I won't shoot a deer or a duck or anything but a mole or a otter stealing my trout BUT I will fill a trespasser and property stealing human and then go kick them a few times and then call the sheriff  pizzedoff 

They probably had an Obama bumper sticker on the car too  Rolling Eyes 

Tired of this BS .......they should get a lesson from the not as old as they must think professor that will teach them a law of physics that includes a .50 caliber hollow point or a few 12 gauge shots  cowboy  (yeah I don't smoke and wear a fedora and not a stetson  mischief  )

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Post  cravnravn on 7/17/2014, 3:29 am

Yea man, thats always a problem with long driveways, we had similiar problems in PA, but I got a dog and if anyone stopped at the top of the driveway Id let Rico out, he'd tear ass up that driveway and they would take off.
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