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Post  dblshockpwr on 2/24/2012, 4:17 pm

I was talking to Phil B today and let him know that there is huge Colts fan over on the left coast that digs his work..

I flashed the Motherboard on his macbook today...

Great guy, he stops by our office every couple of days.... Thought he was going to throw his iPhone out the window the other day lol
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Post  Magic on 2/25/2012, 2:32 pm

lol Well Phil must know that only 21st century hippies use a Mac back here in Microsoft State .......used to be Boeing State lol

I did read Phils article about Luck and III at the Combine and I watched those two on NFL Network and was thinking the same thing as what Phil said.

III is not a Colts QB......he is more like one you would see @ Jacksonville.

He is too short and small to play for the Colts.

He would be getting sacked and throwing passes into the back of the head of Colts lineman.

And Chappell's about Irsay and Peyton......and Jeff Saturday.

If I was Irsay I would give Peyton the money on the 8th and then set up a contract where he makes money by winning games,passing yards,TD's,and as few INT's as possible.......and all the rest.

And then draft Luck and see what he can do in the preseason and as long as Peyton can play like old Peyton then Luck can just learn the playbook and Manning can teach him how the Colts and the NFL really works.

Playing in college is nothing like the NFL.

Hell if Peyton can't play week one or plays bad because of the neck deal then Luck gets on the field and he has a QB coach and Peyton can retire as a Colt as he should.

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