Colts Stats Thru 10 Weeks

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Colts Stats Thru 10 Weeks Empty Colts Stats Thru 10 Weeks

Post  BlueShoes1 on 11/16/2011, 10:18 am

Colts defensive rank - 32nd
Colts rush defense - 32nd
Colts pass defense - 31st
Colts 3rd down defense - 32nd
Colts scoring defense - 32nd
Colts kickoff returns - 32nd
Colts punt returns - 32nd
Colts opponent kickoff returns - 31st
Colts opponent punt returns - 27th
Colts offense - 31st
Colts passing offense - 30th
Colts rushing offense - 23rd
Colts 3rd down offense - 23rd
Colts Scoring offense - 30th

Caldwell and his staff... doing a wonderful job. sucks

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