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Post  Magic on 4/16/2011, 9:36 pm

I was home alone today and bs'ing about music with you which made me decide to go downstairs and turn on Sirius Classic Vinyl channel and cranked my old favs and got my tools out and pretended I was a carpenter trying to fix a sheetrock screw-up that was actually caused by the framers that apparently didn't use a square of level.

I had this house built 8 years ago (Jan 21st 2003 we moved in) and I have been doing all the painting and victorian style trim inside and out.

And I still after 8 years have plenty more to do wtf

But this is a repair that would piss of the Pope.

It's the sheetrock in the hallway between the guest bathrom door (which I installed) and a hall closet door (which I installed)

Problem is I do things like I did when I worked in a machine shop which means absolute square and level.....so I haven't been able toput the door trim on the side the door closes on because the sheetrock is even with the door halfway down BUT the bottom half sticks out so it is about a 1/4in too far out at the toe.

So I start cutting in the sheetrock (can't find my damn rock razor cutter) so I am using anything I can find.......and what do I find behind the sheetrock???

FIVE fucking 2X4's side by side next to the door.....and you know how wide that is.

Gawd I got myself into a pain in the ass project just to put a strip of trim up on the side of the closet doorway bs

My brother is a pro sheetrocker but he lives NE of Seattle (hours away from me)

But hey I did get to listen to music from my HS days smile

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I will say this Beary  Empty Re: I will say this Beary

Post  wood20ks on 4/18/2011, 4:05 pm

I can`t do anything around the house or outdoors without listening to some music and beers............:

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