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Contact: Victor Gulotta, 617-630-9286,
A Sizzling, Sultry Adventure . . . You Can Almost Feel the Steam.
The Black Widow Trainer is not just a novel—it’s an experience.

We all know her. The top trainer at the health club, the one who makes all the other toned bodies seem so—ordinary. She’s so approachable, so generous with a smile. Years of exercise have given Misty a honed, disciplined physique. Her body whispers, “I can make you look like this.”
Her name is Misty, and you’re about to get to know her much, much better as author Craig Odanovich drops you feet first into a sensual, heart-pounding adventure that feels so much like a movie you’ll be able to smell the popcorn. “I tend to write cinematically,” says Odanovich. “I like books that flow effortlessly.” The Black Widow Trainer (Emerald, paper, $14.95) certainly moves quickly, from one scene to the next. The first in a series of erotic adventures featuring the dangerously gorgeous Misty takes her from the posh winter playgrounds of the wealthy to the glittering capitals of Europe and South America. But it also swoops low—through the raunchy bars of the French Quarter and into gritty, arctic Alaska whose locals are surprising, engaging, and raucously sexy. The novel’s bold, gritty
characters and unbridled exploits make The Black Widow Trainer a stunning erotic travelogue. We’re never one place too long. Misty’s contagious wanderlust teases us onward.
A stunning price for a single night of sublime sex
Misty’s allure is such that sophisticated men of the world are tempted to the breaking point, often paying a stunning price for a single night of sublime sex with Misty.
Here’s the setup: With a sensational seduction in the plumeria-scented tropics of Maui, Misty leaves her old life as a top fitness trainer in tony Malibu behind. Her new career—as fitness trainer/temptress—takes her everywhere. Her wealthy clients are helpless in their desire to plunge into the heat of lovemaking with her. But, passionate encounters come with a hefty price tag, hence her nickname, the Black Widow Trainer.
A globe-trotting adventure with characters
you’ll enjoy almost as much as Misty does.

The Black Widow Trainer is an immensely enjoyable departure into a world of fantasy, adventure, and steamy sensuality. Unforgettable characters, a bullet-paced narrative, and some of the most erotic writing in years make The Black Widow Trainer a movie waiting to happen. Indeed, Hollywood has already expressed interest and Odanovich is now finishing the sequel, Captured Prey, with a third Misty adventure in the works, to what could very well become a successful erotic adventure franchise.
CRAIG ODANOVICH is a sports and fitness enthusiast and a longtime successful entrepreneur in the entertainment business. He has received numerous awards, including “Video Retailer of the Year” by the Video Software Dealer’s Association. He lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his wife, Cathie, and their four children.

1. Is it true that some of the characters in The Black Widow Trainer are based on real people? Which ones?

2. Do you think that your background in the movie business has had an effect on your writing?

3. To what extent is The Black Widow Trainer a female empowerment story?

4. Did you have as much fun writing the book as it is to read?

5. Do you believe it’s possible to have an open marriage in which both partners are happy?

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