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Post  Swanshaft on 11/8/2010, 5:24 am

Now, I completely understand that most of you here are Colts fans, and while I feel for your teams loss last night (not really) and hope that Collie is ok (yeah really), I have to say, yesterday's game was one of the worst officiated games I have seen all year. Even though you are the fans and the calls went your way, do you dare agree?

Two calls come to mind:

The defenseless reciever call on the Collie hit. Now come on... That hit was called because the ump saw the result of the hit. It was not called on the actual hit. Collie caught the ball, turned around, took two steps, visibly covered up the ball to protect it, and lowered his helmet in preperation for the hit! Defenseless?? I dont think so. The helmet to helmet arguement doesnt hold much water either, because it was not intended, but rather incedental because the first clean hit pushed him into the other defenders helmet!

Second absolute terrible call, was the blow to the head call on Trent cole when barely brushed Peyton's helmet. Ugly Stuff....

Let the bashing begin, but seriously guys, that was one awful game by the refs...
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Post  cravnravn on 11/8/2010, 6:13 am

Usually when the officiating is that bad, you end up losing..
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Post  ColtsKurt on 11/8/2010, 6:42 am

Agree wholeheartedly. Especially when compared to what we've seen not called in the past.

The Collie hit was not ruthless, not against a "defenseless" player, and was a fumble. The helmet to helmet was not the cause of the concussion, but his head bouncing on the turf when going down.

The brush of 18's helmet in the rush was a good call, based on the rule. Its one of those no exception rules and had to be called. I will say there were many holds not called... pretty blatant ones at that.

The penalties didn't keep the Colts from winning nor cause Philly to win. 18 was pretty good despite being harassed more than usual and Vick was what he was suopposed to be. A major threat with his legs. Add in the tremendous passing effort on his part and we were in trouble from the get-go.

Had that opening run by the Eagles not put our D on their heels immediately, it may have been a different game altogether. You have to wonder if the MASH unit the Colts were fielding had some effect on the timing. Not an excuse, because injuries are part of the game, but certainly had a big effect on the offense's execution.

A good win for Philly. I wonder when the Colts bring back Marvin "the hitman" Hagler, er, Harrison... wonder if he was there?
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Officiating Empty Re: Officiating

Post  Magic on 11/8/2010, 1:19 pm

I will let Swanny slide since he is a youngster....BUT all the rest of the Philly fans AND players and coaches are BITCH BOYS.

Fucking punks.

They never change there....from santa to a nun those bitches would throw beer bottles at them.

This video show all of this and at the end in slow motion you see that bitch spear Collie in the side of his helmet with the TOP of his bitch helmet.

And then all those bitches jump and scream around the half alive player like they are pissed that he hasn't been rolled off the field so they can kick him when no camera's were on them.

I would love to punch the lights out of Asante Samuel that lil punk.