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Post  Magic on 2/21/2010, 6:00 pm

I went and played another 9 with Jr. today and it was nice and sunny but around 5pm the sun gets behind the trees at Chevy Chase so 50 degrees is a bit cold.

I hit half good shots and half goofy ones.

Jr. hit a nice chip that was off the green on the high side by a tree from 50+ feet and right in the hole.

I was walking over to my shot and by the time I turn around it had already rolled in clap

As usual he didn't dress warm enough so he was ready to get back in the car and crank the heat around the 6th hole lol

He wants to pay for the member deal at the nicer course......I want to win the $100,000 monthly streak for cash contest so I can pay for it for him smile

He hits the ball a mile too but neither one of us can see that far and this course was too wet and has those damn white flowers all over the fairways so you have to hunt all over for your damn ball.....he even switched to an orange one and it was hard to find at this place wtf

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